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Greenelimo was launched in Copenhagen, Denmark in the summer of 2017. Founder and CEO Christoffer Holmsteen has broad experience from more than thirty years in the travel industry, working in guest services and security at four and five star hotels, and in first class passenger transportation, in his native Copenhagen and New York City.

Guided by Scandinavian trademark ideals such as honesty, high ethics, perfectionism and punctuality, and the high levels of expectation of the corporate world of New York, Christoffer Holmsteen is a highly professional and likeable person with a very positive attitude, well known for his sincere smile and great outlook on life.

At Greenelimo we work tirelessly to reach a number of sustainability goals, both when it comes to lessen our environmental impact, as well as improving the social and economic situation of service providers and employees, in addition to embracing and encouraging diversity.


By utilizing an ever increasing number of EVs, we are actively lowering emissions, with the stated goal of offering a fully zero emissions fleet. While the share of electricity production from renewable sources
is very high in Scandinavia, we have still not reached our goal. It is a transition.


We pay our service providers and employess fairly. In doing so, we are helping to improve and strengthen their economic status, allowing them to improve life for themselves and their families, paving the way for a strengthened social standing, resulting in better lives.


We pride ourselves in working with people and service providers of very diverse backgrounds, from many different cultures, various ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs, and encourage people who identify as belonging to minority and/or marginalized groups to seek cooperation or employment with us.

On the road to zero emissions

Greenelimo is your guarantee for first class zero or low emissions limousine service.
Make Greenelimo your exclusive service provider, and help cut CO2 emissions today.
Greenelimo speeds up the transition to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Let us assist in the process of making your company sustainable.

Book your Green Limo Today

Contact us to book your Zero or Low Emissions transportation today. When you book Greenelimo you are choosing a company that is rethinking the concept of urban transportation, and combining leading technology with zero or low emission EVs.

Without compromising on efficiency and price, we aim to offer the most environmentally friendly and convenient mobility solution.

Based in Copenhagen, and working with numerous likeminded partners internationally, we are driven by the idea of offering the next generation of urban and sustainable mobility today.

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